Monday, April 30, 2007

Themes for April

2: Season and Family
April 23: POV
30: Special. Pictures you like but that don't fit a topic.


I had set my flash to go off but I was glad when it didn't.


Thomas's friend with his puppy

SPECIAL FAVOURITES - Thomas Friend and puppy

Thomas with his friend and the friend's puppy in the barn where Holly keeps her pony


Holly backlit in the field.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Theme for April 23: POV

April 23: "POV:" Look for unusual, exciting, engaging and storytelling Points of View to take the photo. High, low, under, over, behind. Consider wide angle distortions on this as well.

POV Looking Down on the Flat Iron Building

Taken from the Empire State with 300mm zoom.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

POV Looking Up to the Empire State

I love the wide angle distortion in this.

POV Look at those spring shoots up there!

If you feel like being dizzy then just look up at the trees. Or you could lay flat on the ground.
I also like the same effect you get using a wide angle lens of tall buildings. But not too many of them around here. Wish I'd tried more when I was in New York.

POV Look up to a tree today

I love trees and I love this POV of trees. It makes me want to hug them. I keep searching for the perfect hugatree shot.
I prefer to have a long depth of focus which means combining two shots. I did that with this one but still I think I really need to combine more than two shots when you are up so close to the bark. So, maybe next time, I will try that. But it is impossible to get a tripod into the right position (I think) but havn't tried so usually when I combine them they are a bit out of sync.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Theme for April 2, 2007: Season, Family

Our theme for today is season, family, personal and special. Spring! See pictures below! YAY SPRING!!!

Season: First Sailboats on Lake St. Clair

Neither of these is the greatest photo, but I was so thrilled to see the first sailboats out on Lake St. Clair when just 2 weeks ago it was frozen. The contrast is amazing!