Thursday, December 13, 2007

Family - sent by email

Just wondering if this will get into photique 3


Moo said...

These are with my new camera. Same lenses of course.
Top one is new grandaughter Fabiana who is now 3 months old.
Then there is Gareth and Emma's wedding.
2nd: Gareth & Emma with Gareth's two sons who are Alec and Hannah's cousins.
3rd: are the four cousins with Alec and Hannah in the middle.
Third is Derek, Ali, Alec and Hannah
4th: Derek, Ali, Alec and Hannah
I think you get the picture now - no more names needed
Then we get to Mia in her nativity. She was a sheep!
Then Geoff and Fabiana.
Well I didn't think I would manage to send pics this way but it is so much easier and quicker.

Anonymous said...

so are you pleased with the new camera. Photos look great as always, but how did it handle?

moo said...

Hi anonymous Val! I am almost certain I will be pleased with camera but really havn't had a chance to take the sort of pics I like to take yet. I am never happy taking people and especially using flash and that is all I have had a chance to do yet. Still playing catch up after finishing my marathon printing and other voluntary tasks.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Well the pictures look nice and crisp but I know what you mean about flash pictures--natural light is so much nicer.

That's quite hairdo.

And what a wonderful collection of family shots.

Baby Fabiana is very cute.