Monday, March 05, 2007

Family: Rachel's Magic Wand

I couldn't resist playing with this a little more.

WOW! In the new blog, if you click on the picture, it gets even huger than in the old blog! At least on my computer!


moo said...

What a great idea. And I am sure she will love the butterflies. It looks magical!

I don't really notice any difference with the size as your pics always come up and fill the screen on Photique 2 anyway. I think I post mine smaller than yours. I was doing it bigger but got fed up waiting for them to upload so mostly I do them same size as BP.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

THANKS--I printed copies for Great Grandma Mary Taitt--Keith's Mom and for Rachel's personal album--I thought it was FUN! :-D

My old photique pix filled the screen, but this one lis so huge you have to scroll up and down to see it--which I'm not sure I like!!! (On my computer in FIrefox).

valerie said...

beautiful dress...... was this a fairy princess play? this is Keith's granddaughter, I assume.... and yes if I click it gets very large & I Have to scroll down.