Monday, March 12, 2007

Winter Trees Series 1: Three on Lakeshore

Here is my first submission to Winter Trees for today's theme. None of these are the orginal. The original had lots of sensor spots. THe top one is the original with levels applied and the sensor spots cleaned up. Then, I added a gradient in a new layer of pink and orange and changed the blending options (under layers) for a whole bunch of variants) I will post four of the variants at the yahoo Photique 3. There were more (and some of the others were nice too), but I will post the 4 I liked best along with the orginal. They are 1, color burn, 2 multiply, 3, pin light and 4, exclusion. Note that you can click on "Large" to see the pictures larger.


moo said...

I really like these Mary. OK I must have been wrong about the scrolling business as with this top one I have to scroll to see the whole width. Praps you could upload them in a touch smaller so we can see it big and not have to scroll. Not for this one now - I mean for future ones. I like the composition with the 1 separate and the two together.

I like all the variations in colour and I like to see them all together. If you are wanting to exhibit the four together (if that is your intention) I think I would prefer to see more space top and bottom and also more space at the sides and less space in the middle.

moo said...

I like colour burn best