Monday, March 26, 2007

Framing: HUH?

Sorry Ladies to gross you out! I found this. Really!

On the wastebeds, near the old cars, above the State Fair parking lot, on the slag cliffs.


It's a rubber mask, very lightweight, and next time I go back if it's still there, I hope to put it in a plastic bag and take to the Heidelberg Project.It's not something I personally have a lot of use for, but I found it interesting.

I have to hurry, before the nettles get too deep and it gets too hot to walk on the wastebeds.

Small murphyism: The phone didn’t ring all day. But when I was filling shampoo bottles for my upcoming trip and a big blurpo came out all over my hand and the bottle, the phone rang. Of course. Murphy.

click to view image (by me) bigger. I tried multiple ways to frame this and settled on this one. It's a hard subject to frame well--or photograph well, for that matter. OK, sorry! LOL!

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moo said...

Mary this shot must have been so bad that you have already removed it!